About Me

I’m Stephen Ganz, the creator and sole writer behind AppalachianFood.com.

As a local and former chef, I’m passionate about the rich culinary heritage of the Appalachian region.

This website is my labor of love, dedicated to sharing the flavors, stories, and traditions of Appalachian cuisine with you.

My Journey

My culinary journey began in the heart of Appalachia, where I was born and raised.

Growing up, I was surrounded by the sights, sounds, and, most importantly, the tastes of Appalachian food.

This region’s unique blend of cultural influences and natural ingredients has always fascinated me.

After spending years working as a chef, I decided to step away from the bustling restaurant kitchens and focus on my true passion: exploring and documenting the culinary traditions of Appalachia. That’s how AppalachianFood.com was born.

My Goal

At AppalachianFood.com, my mission is to inspire, educate, and engage readers with the rich and diverse flavors of Appalachian cuisine.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just beginning your culinary adventure, I strive to provide content that fuels your passion and offers valuable insights into the food culture of this remarkable region.

In my editorial policy, you can find more details on how I want to achieve my goal.

What You’ll Find Here

On this website, you’ll discover a variety of content designed to celebrate Appalachian food:

  • Recipes: From classic Appalachian dishes to modern takes on traditional favorites, I share recipes that highlight the best of our local cuisine.
  • Stories: Every dish has a story, and I love sharing the tales behind the recipes, the people who make them, and the traditions they represent.
  • Food History: Dive deep into the history of Appalachian food, exploring its roots and how it has evolved over the years.
  • Ingredient Spotlights: Learn about the unique ingredients that define Appalachian cooking and how to use them in your own kitchen.

Join Our Adventure

At AppalachianFood.com, we are a community, and you’re a part of it. Your feedback, stories, and passion help shape our content and our journey. Join me as I explore the rich culinary heritage of Appalachia and share our adventures with the world.