Editorial Policy

Welcome to AppalachianFood.com! I’m Stephen Ganz, the creator and sole writer of this website.

As a local and former chef, I am dedicated to providing high-quality, authentic content that celebrates the culinary traditions of the Appalachian region.

Transparency, accuracy, and engagement are at the core of my editorial process.

Our Commitment

At AppalachianFood.com, I am committed to delivering content that is:

  • Authentic: Each recipe, story, and article is rooted in the genuine culinary heritage of Appalachia.
  • Informative: I strive to provide valuable insights, historical context, and practical cooking tips to enrich your culinary journey.
  • Engaging: My goal is to create content that resonates with you, inviting you to explore and celebrate Appalachian cuisine.

Content Creation Process

Here’s how I ensure the content on AppalachianFood.com meets the highest standards:

Research and Exploration:

I conduct thorough research, drawing on my culinary background, local knowledge, and historical sources.
Real-life experiences and interviews with local cooks and food historians enrich the content.

Content Writing:

I craft each piece with care, ensuring it is engaging, relatable, and easy to understand.
Recipes are tested and retested to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Review and Verification:

All content is reviewed for accuracy, clarity, and consistency.
I rely on my professional culinary experience to verify the authenticity and quality of the recipes and articles.

Community Feedback:

I value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences.
Reader comments and feedback are incorporated into the content to continuously improve and adapt to your interests.

Continuous Updates:

Content is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest information, trends, and reader feedback.
Seasonal and holiday recipes are refreshed to keep the website relevant and exciting.

Ethics and Integrity

Integrity is fundamental to AppalachianFood.com. I adhere to the following ethical guidelines:

Honesty: All content is original, and sources are credited where applicable.
Transparency: Sponsored content and affiliate links are clearly disclosed to maintain trust and transparency.
Respect: I respect the cultural significance and traditions of Appalachian cuisine and strive to represent them accurately and respectfully.

Sponsored Content and Affiliates

To sustain the operations of AppalachianFood.com, I may include sponsored content and affiliate links. However, this does not influence my editorial decisions. All recommendations are based on personal experience and genuine belief in the quality of the products or services.